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Appeal to ALL players entering in 2014

You may be aware that during the 2013 Tournament we had some problems in Brancaster, both on the beach and on the village Recreation Ground and children’s play area, mainly during the evenings

The result of this was bad press on local radio and in local papers.

Following the Tournament, a meeting was held with Borough Council, Hunstanton Town Council, Brancaster Parish Council, Norfolk Police, Borough Councillors and other bodies to look at this years concerns and discus plans for 2014, to try and resolve this problem before it arises next year.

The number of tennis players involved was only a small percentage of our entry. Many of those who were involved were not tennis players but supporters and friends from schools, down for tennis week.

We ask that parents be aware of the problems caused this year and the danger the children, some as young as 12, faced on an unlit beach with very high tides. It was also apparent that many were consuming alcohol.  This is a potential recipe for disaster.

Reports of public disorder, noise, litter and worst of all broken bottles on the beach and children’s play area are something we cannot and will not accept.

If you are considering entering next year please ensure that this problem is not repeated. We ask that parents take much more responsibility. Please respect the towns and villages you stay in and give thought to the people who live there.

I appreciate that this appeal is not intended to the majority of the players at Hunstanton but only to the small minority, but it is something that has to be brought to the attention of all if this Tournament is not to be tarnished and its future threatened.

Last year was one of the best years for behaviour of both players and spectators on the ground itself. Make next year the best everywhere.

Chris Holt (Organiser)


Competition Organiser of the Year - Chris Holt, Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament
Chris has organised the Hunstanton tennis tournament for over 37 years and the fun, friendly atmosphere at this highly competitive tournament is recognised across the country. Chris’ tireless hard work and dedication ensures the smooth running of a 38 court grass court event which makes it bigger and better every year.


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