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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start taking entries? 

Typically, entries will go live on 1st March each year, any exception to this will be posted on the website and also our social media profiles. Please lookout for the countdown clock on the front page – ‘Days until entries go live for the 20xx tournament’ 

How do I enter? 

On the website when entries are live, click on the ENTER tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions. 

What level of playing experience do I need? 

In the Juniors Tournament (Aged 18 and Under) we have a mixture of abilities entering each event. 

In the Seniors Tournament (Aged 18 and Over) we have events based on your tennis ratings. 

What events do you have? 


Ev Event Name Fee 
Gentlemen’s Open Singles £12.00 
Ladies’ Open Singles £12.00 
Gentlemen’s Open Doubles £12.00 
Ladies Open Doubles £12.00 
Mixed Open Doubles £12.00 
Gentlemen’s Singles (35& Over) £12.00 
Ladies Singles (30& Over) £12.00 
Junior Veteran Men’s Singles (45& Over) £12.00 
Junior Veteran Ladies’ Singles (40& Over) £12.00 
10 Junior Veteran Men’s Doubles (45& Over) £12.00 
11 Junior Veteran Ladies’ Doubles (40& Over) £12.00 
12 Junior Veteran Mixed Doubles (M45,L40) £12.00 
13 Veteran Men’s Singles (55& Over) £12.00 
14 Veteran Ladies Singles (50& Over) £12.00 
15 Veteran Men’s Doubles (55& Over) £12.00 
16 Veteran Ladies’ Doubles (50 & Over) £12.00 
17 Veteran Mixed Doubles (M55,L50) £12.00 
18 Senior Veteran Men’s  Singles (65& Over) £12.00 
19 Senior Veteran Ladies’ Singles (60& Over) £12.00 
20 Senior Veteran Men’s Doubles (65& Over) £12.00 
21 Senior Veteran Ladies’s Doubles (60& Over) £12.00 
22 Men’s Restricted Doubles Group A (Rating 7.2 to 8.2) £12.00 
23 Ladies’ Restricted Doubles Group A (Rating 7.2 to 8.2) £12.00 
24 Men’s Restricted Doubles Group B (Rating 9.1 to 10.2) £12.00 
25 Ladies’ Restricted Doubles Group B (Rating 9.1 to 10.2) £12.00 


Ev Event Name Fee 
26 Boys’ Singles (18& Under) £12.00 
27 Girls’ Singles (18& Under) £12.00 
28 Boys’ Doubles (18 &Under) £12.00 
29 Girls’ Doubles (18& Under) £12.00 
30 Boys’ Singles (16 &Under) £12.00 
31 Girls’ Singles (16& Under) £12.00 
32 Boys’ Doubles (16 &Under) £12.00 
33 Girls’ Doubles (16& Under) £12.00 
34 Mixed Doubles (18& Under) £12.00 
35 Boys’ Singles (14& Under) £12.00 
36 Girls’ Singles (14& Under) £12.00 
37 Boys’ Doubles (14& Under) £12.00 
38 Girls’ Doubles (14& Under) £12.00 
39 Mixed Doubles (14& Under) £12.00 
40 Boys’ Singles (12& Under) £12.00 
41 Girls’ Singles (12& Under) £12.00 
42 Boys’ Doubles (12& Under) £12.00 
43 Girls’ Doubles (12& Under) £12.00 

10U & 12U Round Robin

This is a ‘fun’ mini Round Robin tournament run to supplement the Main tournament to enable siblings (not experienced enough to enter main tournament) to play tennis in a friendly and somewhat laid back environment. Please see 10U & 12U Round Robin – Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament ( for more info

When will I start playing? 

The Order of Play for the Sunday and the Monday will be posted on the website after the draw has taken place. (Typically 1st August) This enables us to see how many competitors there are in each event and put together a timetable for the first two days. Each subsequent days Order of Play will be available on the website from Approximately 3pm the day before. We constantly monitor the progression of game play during the day and put together the following days schedule based on this and also the weather forecasts. 

How much is it to enter? 

Please see tournament prospectus for prices. 

How many courts do you have? 

There are 10 permanent fully maintained courts based at the recreation ground. We erect a further 28 courts on the cricket out field prior to the tournament. All events take place on all courts and players will be expected to play on any court. 

Do you have car parking on site? 

Yes, we have spaces for approx. 250 cars on site. We may also operate an overflow car park when required. Please do not park on nearby roads blocking driveways to properties, please respect the local community when parking your car.  

Cars will only be permitted on the Recreation Ground on the purchase of a Car Park Pass (£10.00 per week or part thereof) on first entry to the ground. The Borough Council and Committee reserve the right to refuse entry. Car park passes must be displayed at all times. 

Only in the event of a full car park will additional car parking be provided at Glebe House School (Pedestrian access to the Recreation Ground is via the footpath along the A149 back to the main entrance) NO PARKING AT GLEBE HOUSE SCHOOL UNLESS INSTRUCTED. ANPR CAMERAS IN USE. 

Please respect locals by not parking in front of or blocking driveways or entrances to houses. Please refrain from parking on the roadside and the adjacent Church Car Park whilst at the Tournament, we have provided an onsite car park and an overflow car park for your convenience. 

Users of the Car Parks provided by the Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament do so at their own risk. The Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament will not accept any liability for any accident, damage or loss to any vehicle and/or its contents howsoever caused. 

Can I request a specific match time? 

Unfortunately, not, we are unable to schedule individual match times due to the sheer number of competitors. Delaying one match may cause clashes later on in the week if you or your opponent are in other events, also the players playing the winner of your event may also be in other events and we need them to be available at the required times. 

How will I know if an event is full? 

Historically the Junior events fill up quickly, to avoid disappointment please get your entry in early. We will size the draw according to the entry, i.e. 32,64 or 128. You can check the number of entries in a particular event by checking the LTA website following the links on our site. 

Are there refreshments on site? 

Yes, we have caterers based in the pavilion serving food and drinks, we also have outside bar facilities. 

Is alcohol allowed on site? 

Only alcohol sold by the bar is allowed on site, our licence does not allow the consumption of third party alcohol. 

Do you have first aid on site? 

Yes, we have fully trained first aiders on site and we also carry a defibrillator for emergencies. There is also a doctor’s surgery within a few minutes from the recreation ground. 

Are dogs allowed on site? 

Yes, well behaved dogs are allowed on site and must be kept on leads at all times, please also ensure that you clean up after your dog as there are a large number of people on site including young children. 

Is Smoking permitted on site? 

Smoking is allowed in open areas, please refrain from smoking in close proximity to others and in crowds (for example the front table) please bear in mind that not everyone enjoys smoking. 

Do you have a Designated safe guard lead? 

Yes, we have a fully trained DSL, please refer to our policies section on our website. 

Are your committee DBS checked? 

Yes, where necessary members of the committee hold a valid DBS certificate. 

I have GCSE / A Level Results to collect 

We make allowances for competitors who have exam results to collect, if you are unable to play at a specific time due to collecting results, please inform the Junior Tournament Referee. 

Do I need an LTA/BTM/WTN Number? 

Is rating compulsory? 

We are a grade6 tournament and an LTA rating is preferred. 

What is the address of the recreation ground? 

Hunstanton Recreation Ground, Cromer Road, Hunstanton, PE36 6BZ 

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Do I need PPE for Covid 19? 

At time of writing (1st May 2021) it is recommended that competitors and spectators wear face coverings inside the pavilion and the referee’s marque, it is also recommended that you have a supply of hand sanitiser. 

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