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Tournament 2004 Photos

Photo Credit – Malcolm Diggins

Saturday 14th August 2004

Sunday 15th August 2004

Monday 16th August 2004

For most of the day we had a mixture of cloud and sunshine, then around 4pm the rain came down and play was suspended

Tuesday 17th August 2004

Wednesday 18th August 2004

Thursday 19th August 2004

Friday 20th August 2004

Saturday 21st August 2004


We hope you enjoyed the photos, we took over 700 during the week and it was not an easy job choosing which ones to use. We did mention on the photos home page if anyone would like their photo on the website just to ask, those that did we made sure theirs went on the website, all the rest were just picked at random………….See you all next year
Malcolm & Barry

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