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Tournament 2005 Photos

Photo Credit – Malcolm Diggins

Sunday 14th August 2005

We must congratulate Chris Holt and his team for completing the set up of the courts on Saturday as they all got soaked to the skin. More problems for them on Sunday as the P A system failed, but they still got through the day.

What a start to this years tournament, heavy rain on Saturday made play doubtful on Sunday morning, but we did get play. Heavy rain 2 miles away in Heacham at lunchtime did not touch Hunstanton. So most of the matches were completed although later than expected.

Monday 15th August 2005

Monday and we had….glorious sunny weather….PA system working. So let us hope the rest of the week continues the same way.

Tuesday 16th August 2005

Another sunny day! The forecast is still good!

A few photos below of just some of the people who help make this tournament so enjoyable.

Wednesday 17th August 2005

Another hot sunny day. The forecast is still good for tomorrow. But not so good for Friday & Saturday

Thursday 18th August 2005

Another glorious hot sunny day, let us hope the weathermen are wrong about Friday & Saturday

Friday 19th August 2005

Because of virtually no play today, I have compiled a special feature.
I was determined to do my daily ‘Doggy’ caption so I included our dog ‘Ben’.
The remainder of the photos were taken by your Secretary ‘Chris’ during play on Thursday’s
Round Robin event, the others were taken at the Tuesday Ball and the Wednesday Rock Concert

Tuesday Ball

Rock Concert

Saturday 20th August 2005

Below are Senior and Junior players who were still at the tournament for group photos


Photos below show winners and runners-up who were at the presentation. Where people
occur more than once it means they have reached the finals in more than one event.

We hope you enjoyed the photos, we took over 900 during the week and it was not an easy job choosing which ones to use. We did mention on the photos home page if anyone would like their photo on the website just to ask, those that did we tried to make sure theirs went on the website, all the rest were just picked at random………….See you all next year
Malcolm & Pat

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