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Tournament 2007 Photos

Photo Credit – Malcolm Diggins

Saturday 18th August 2007

Saturday 18th August 2007

Time 1pm

Looks like a lot of work still to be done to me, But Chris said, “Don’t worry Malcolm we will get it finished”

After taking these photos I left them to it, hopefully when I pop back at around 5pm things will look a bit different.

Sunday 19th August 2007

It was not the worst rain affected first day in the history of the tournament because in 1999 there was no play at all, but it must have been the most frustrating.

So no action shots as when I was at the tournament play was suspended.

Let us hope tomorrow will bring better weather and more tennis.

Monday 20th August 2007

Tuesday 21st August 2007

Another cold and wet day, but we did manage to start play around 2.30pm. Let us hope for better weather tomorrow. The photos show how cold it was but still many smiling faces.

Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Just like Victor, I could not believe we would have so much strong wind that it would cancel a days play, but when I went up to collect Thursday’s DOOP I witnessed first hand just how dangerous it was. I persuaded two people to brave the elements so I could get a couple of ‘action’ shots.

Then below we have Chris’s artwork and then photos of what damage the wind did, with the cricket sight screen being blown over and Russell Promotions getting blown away. 

The Tennis Player’s Prayer

Please don’t let me be so nervous
When I toss the ball for service.
Give me speed and strength unhaulting,
Aces and no double-faulting.
Instill in me the skill and dash
Of Agassi, Williams, Roddick and Ashe.
When a high lob starts to fall,
Must I always miss the ball?
Lord, I know you could, I’m sure,
Find me a Tennis Elbow cure.
With the guidance from above,
Never let me fall in ‘love.’
And, Lord, while on matters of this sort
Please let me find a dry court!

Hurricane ‘Chris’ approaches

(Don’t worry, its not due until Sunday!!)



Thursday 23rd August 2007

Friday 24th August 2007

Well at last the sun broke through the time 3.20pm on Friday. Unfortunately it came too late to save many
events from being cancelled. Here are some photos of what Hunstanton Tennis Tournament is all about people
enjoying the sun and the tennis.

Saturday 25th August 2007

So we have reached finals day, unfortunately because of the bad weather there were only 8 Junior events and
4 Senior events that survived. The sun shone all day long, here are the first set of photos taken in the morning.
Chris managed to organise a doubles competition so players who were still at the tournament had a chance to
play some tennis under blue skies.


Group photo of most of the winners and runners up


Men’s Open Doubles Finalists (match not played when trophies presented)

Ladies Open Doubles Finalists (match not played when trophies presented)


We hope you enjoyed the selection of photos

We look forward to seeing you all next year


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