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ITF World Tennis Number (WTN)

Important: ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) and our Restricted Doubles events in 2022

The recent arrival of the new ITF World Tennis Number to replace LTA Ratings has presented us with some challenges when planning our Restricted Doubles events in 2022. Great care has been taken by the Tournament Committee to assess previous years’ player data to try to assign the range of World Tennis Numbers that is equivalent to the LTA Ratings bands of 10.2-9.1 and 8.2-7.2 that we have used in previous years.

The ITF World Tennis Number is a global player standard and is being adopted by more an more nations each month, meaning that there is a constant increase in the amount of results data being added into the system, which in turn potentially impacts all players with a WTN on a weekly basis. Therefore it is conceivable that there will be a great deal change for all players between entries opening in March and entries closing at the start of July.

One of the priorities of the Tournament Committee is to help ensure that all players enjoy an appropriate and fair competitive experience; the currently stated WTN ranges for our Restricted Doubles events have been determined by the data to which we currently have access and are subject to change in the run up to entries closing, as we review the real time application of the World Tennis Number.

We hope you understand and appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes. For further information on the ITF World Tennis Number, please click HERE

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