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This policy is an amended version of the LTA Fact sheet.

If you are unhappy with any matter in connection with the Tournament, you may raise the matter verbally with the Referee. If you are still not satisfied, a written complaint may be lodged with the LTA using the Contact Us Form at The LTA will determine what further action, if any, should be taken, including referring the matter to another party such as the Committee and/or the LTA Disciplinary Officer (to be dealt with in accordance with the LTA’s Disciplinary and Dispute Resolution Procedures). For the avoidance of doubt, the results of all matches connected to the complaint will stand in any event.

Match times are fixed by the Referee and are not negotiable. All competitors are considered available to play all times throughout the published dates and times of the Tournament. It is each competitor’s responsibility to find out when they are required to play. First match times will usually be sent to players by email. This information will also be published on the LTA Competition Portal as well. If you have not been informed when you are playing within 48 hours of the start of the tournament, please contact the Referee. If you miss your match, you will lose your entry and admin fee and be subject to no show penalties under the LTA Withdrawal Penalty system. During the Tournament, you must not leave the recreation ground without checking if and when you are required to play next.

All competitors who enter the Tournament use the recreation ground and compete at their own risk. Neither the Tournament, its officials nor the council, its staff, management or Committee will be responsible for death, personal injury, or loss of or damage to property whether occurring on the premises or otherwise, other than liability for negligence incurred under English law. If we make a mistake which prevents you from playing or continuing in the Tournament, the maximum amount we shall be liable for is the value of your entry fee for that event.

With the exception of LTA Staged Competitions, ownership of the competition lies with Committee not the LTA. Any correspondence in relation to the Tournament shall be directed to the Referee.

Wild Cards
The Referee and/or the Committee reserve the right to issue wild cards, in accordance with LTA Competition Regulations.

Refund Policy
You will not be charged an entry fee for an event if:
• we cancel the Tournament;
• we decide not to run an event;
• your application to an event was unsuccessful;
• you cancelled an application prior to the published cancellation deadline (subject to an admin fee)
• you were placed on a reserve list but were not called upon to play;
• you were placed on a reserve list and invited to take part with less than 24 hours’ notice and decided not to accept; and/or
• we are unable to accept your application for any other reason.

Rules Governing the Tournament
The Tournament is sanctioned by the Lawn Tennis Association (“the LTA”) and will be run in strict accordance with the ITF Rules of Tennis, the Rules of the LTA and the LTA Competition Regulations, including the LTA Code of Conduct (as each may be amended from time to time). By submitting an application to the Tournament you acknowledge and agree that you are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the LTA including the application of the LTA Competition Regulations (including the LTA Code of Conduct), the ITF Rules of Tennis and the Rules of the LTA (including the LTA’s Disciplinary and Dispute Resolution Procedures, Tennis Anti-Doping Program and Regulations concerning Match Fixing, Financial Speculation and Betting). The Committee may alter or add to these rules in which case we will post written details on the tournament notice board and/or the Tournament website. The Referee shall however have general discretionary powers in interpreting any rule or regulation relating to the Tournament and in situations not specifically covered by any applicable rules or regulations governing the Tournament.

Safeguarding Information
1. This LTA Sanctioned Competition is being run at an LTA Registered Venue.
2. All LTA Registered Venues are required to meet certain safeguarding standards.
3. Every LTA Registered Venue has a welfare officer whose details will be displayed at the venue. The Referee will be an LTA licensed official who will act as the competition’s welfare officer. If you have any concerns regarding a child or adult at risk, or anyone’s behaviour towards a child or adult at risk during the competition you can speak to the Referee, venue welfare officer or the LTA directly by reporting a safeguarding concern.
4. For further information on safeguarding, including information for young people on competing and information for parents can be found at

Refusal of Entry
The Referee and/or Committee may decline to accept an application from any competitor without giving a reason.

Data Protection Statement/Privacy Policy
By submitting an application to the Tournament, you agree to the publication of your name, LTA membership number, rating, ranking, county, acceptance status, match details and results on the LTA website and to the LTA and/or the tournament organiser of the LTA Tournament, using the details provided on the entry form to communicate information about this and future tournaments, via post/email or SMS.

Anti-Doping Regulations
Regarding the LTA’s Anti-Doping Regulations please refer to relevant section of the LTA Disciplinary Code. (LTA Disciplinary Code, Appendix 1 – Tennis Anti-Doping Programme) This can be found at

Emergency Medical Treatment Provision
In a case of accident, illness or emergency at the Tournament, you acknowledge that emergency medical treatment will be provided if recommended by appropriately qualified medical personnel including, without limitation, St John’s Ambulance.

Media & Photography Policy
By entering the Tournament you acknowledge that you may be involved in filming of, and publicity connected with, the Tournament, including on-court video recording, media interviews, photographs, TV footage, and live streaming of matches. Please inform the Tournament Secretary or Referee if you do not wish to be involved in such publicity. Unofficial photography and video recording is not permitted without the prior consent of the Referee and/or the Committee. To avoid disruption to play, requests must be made with sufficient notice as consent will not normally be sought from players once a match (including warm-up) has commenced. Please refer to the LTA Photography and Filming Policy (2019) available at for further information.

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