Britain's biggest
Tennis Tournament
established in 1920

Travel Advice

Please ensure that you leave EXTRA time to travel to the Recreation Ground.

The main A149 is a busy arterial route to the town and the chances of queues are VERY likely especially on Sunday and Monday.

Queues will start on the A47/A17 interchange and also traffic will be VERY heavy at Hardiwck Roundabout A10/A47/A149 interchange.

Journey times from Hardwick Roundabout to Hunstanton can exceed 90 minutes at peak times.

Please note that there are new Average Speed Camera’s along the A149 from Knights Hill to Snettisham.

Car Park entry £10 for the week or part thereof, please have correct monies ready prior to arriving.

Local Radio KLFM 96.7FM and BBC Radio Norfolk 104.4FM will have travel updates.

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