1. All players must be available to play on all days of the tournament when required.
  2. Every player must be a British Tennis Member and have one World Tennis Number (“WTN”) for singles and one World Tennis Number for doubles.
  3. Players must present their British Tennis Membership details and/or photo ID on request.
  4. Players shall, at all times, both on and off the court, conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favourably on the game, themselves and the tournament. Failure to do so may mean that player is subject to disciplinary action by the Lawn Tennis Association (“LTA”). This also applies to behaviour, not only on the Recreation Ground, but also in the town and surrounding villages, on public transport and in rented accommodation.
  5. Any player who, in the opinion of the Committee, breaks this rule, will be reported to the LTA and will be instantly excluded from this year’s tournament and future tournaments.
  6. Players must enter online via the LTA website, The draw will take place no later than Saturday 27th July 2024 at 9.00am.
  7. The Committee reserve the right to decline any entry without stating a reason. The Committee also reserves the right to limit the number of entries in any event.
  8. Entries will be accepted in order of receipt and preference will be given to complete and paid pairs in all double’s events. Some events, particularly juniors, are very popular and do fill up very quickly. To avoid disappointment, get your entries in early.
  9. Players can check confirmation of entry by visiting the LTA website.
  10. Refunds for late withdrawals will be made in line with LTA rules. Doctor’s certificate may be required for medical withdrawals. Any other refunds will be at the discretion of the Committee.
  11. Play will commence at 10.00am on the Sunday and 9.30am on each day thereafter. ALL players must be available to play at the stated times. NO matches will be held over from the stated times of play.
  12. A provisional Order of Play for the first two days will be displayed on the website and updated and confirmed once entries are closed and the draw has been made. Please be aware that any senior event may be required to start on the Sunday. Junior events will start on the Sunday. Please check your availability before entering. Please do not contact us requesting individual times of play.
  13. Each subsequent day’s order of play will be available on the website and/or LTA website the day before.
  14. All players must add their name on the attendance sheet each day on their arrival to the ground. No competitor will be considered present until he or she has done so. Absentees without notifying on of the Referees may be disqualified.
  15. Players must wear recognised tennis attire on court (Footwear must be suitable for grass courts).
  16. Approximately 38 grass courts will be used. All events, may, at the discretion of the Referee and Committee, be played on any of the courts available at the time of the event.
  17. Players cannot change events once the draw has been made.
  18. Holders of trophies not playing in the tournament, shall contact the Secretary to arrange their return not later than 1st July.
  19. Trophies must be returned cleaned and engraved.
  20. Winners and Runners Up prizes shall be awarded in all events.

Entry Restrictions – Please read carefully

  1. General Restrictions
    1. All players are limited to entering a maximum of 3 events;
    2. All players are limited to entering a maximum of one singles event;
    3. All players are limited to entering a maximum of one mixed doubles event;
    4. Players born in 2008 or later cannot enter senior events;
    5. Players born in either 2006 or 2007 (18 & under) may only enter either senior events or junior events;
    6. Players born in 2005 or earlier can only enter senior events; and
    7. Players must have a British Tennis Membership number and World Tennis Number.
  1. Seniors Restrictions
    1. The senior events, restricted by age, are open to those who are of that age or older during the year of that tournament;
    2. Veteran doubles players may enter any one age group up to and including their own age group;
    3. The Restricted Men’s and Ladies Doubles Group A are provisionally for players with a WTN (doubles) of [TBC 19.0 – 25.0.];
    4. The Restricted Men’s and Ladies Doubles Group B are provisionally for players with a WTN (doubles) of [TBC 25.1 – 40.9.];
    5. Players cannot enter an Open Doubles and a Restricted Doubles Event of the same category (i.e. you cannot enter Mixed Open and Mixed Restricted) however players can enter, for example, Men’s / Ladies Open Doubles and Mixed Restricted Doubles;
    6. If you won a restricted event last year you cannot play in the same restricted event this year.
    7. The Referees/Committee reserve the right to reallocate any competitor to the correct event where required; and
    8. Players on the doubles entry list who do not get paired with a partner may be left out of the draw.
  1. Juniors Restrictions
    1. Players should check their age group using the LTA age calculator; and
    2. Players on the doubles entry list who do not get paired with a partner may be left out of the draw.

10 & Under and 12 & Under informal Round Robin

  1. Entries are open only to those who have NOT entered the main tournament.
  2. Depending on weather, and court availability, the Round Robin should commence on the Wednesday and continue through to Friday.
  3. The Round Robin can only be entered in person at the Committee marquee until Tuesday 12 noon.
  4. Forms will be available at the Committee marquee.
  5. LTA Age restrictions apply.


  1. The attention of players is drawn to the following LTA regulation

No complaint relating to the tournament can be entertained by the Committee unless made in writing and lodged with the Secretary of the tournament within 48 hours of the occurrence of the same. No application for appeal against any decision of the Committee can be entertained unless made in writing and lodged with the Secretary within 10 days of such decision by the Committee.

  1. Media and Photography Policy
    1. By taking part in the tournament, you grant the Committee full rights to use the images resulting from their photography/video filming, and any reproductions or edits of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help promote, or report, on the tournament. This might include, but is not limited to, the right to use them in printed and online publicity, social media and press releases.
    2. If you do not wish to be photographed or wish for pictures or videos containing images of you to be deleted, please inform a member of the Committee.
    3. The Committee reserve the right to amend the conditions of entry at any time, and any amendments will be noted here.
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