Enter the 2024 Tournament

Welcome to the 2024 Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament. Whether you are new to the courts at PE36 or are a seasoned player at Sunny Hunny we look forward to hosting you all this year. Please see details below of the various options for all players.

Main Tournament

This section contains all the relevant links and information to assist you in entering this years tournament.

Please familiarise yourself with our prospectus, the conditions of entry and the player info before

finally heading over to the LTA website to process your entry.

All players must be an LTA member to play in the tournament.

Please sign in to your LTA Advantage to enter.

If you are not an LTA member you can join for free HERE

Once you have registered for your LTA Advantage you can activate your WTN from your ‘My Game’ dashboard by clicking HERE


Each competitor will need to sign into their own LTA Advantage to enter the tournament.

You cannot enter on behalf of another competitor from your own LTA Advantage login.

Advice for Parents / Guardians

You will need to login to each child’s personal LTA Advantage to enter them into the tournament.

If you are an LTA Advantage member yourself and they are not then you will need to logout of your LTA Advantage and then register them for one. Alternatively you can register a child on their own device if they have one.

If you are using the search function for ‘Hunstanton’ on the LTA website you will need to choose the ‘Advanced Search’ option

and then extend the date range to include August.

Entries are now closed! 

If you are a named doubles partner and have not yet entered (there are several!) please email us asap!

10U & 12U Round Robin

If you have a budding Novak Djokovic or an up and coming Marketa Vondrousova who are beginning their journey into tennis and are looking for some fun tennis to test the waters then we have the perfect opportunity. Many of our players in the Junior and even the Senior Tournament started of by playing in the Round Robin many years ago! If you would like to find out more then click HERE

Consolation Draws

Defeated in your first match but want to play more tennis – then this is for you! We introduced the Consolation Draws in 2023 to give players the opportunity to play more tennis under the glourious sunshine at Sunny Hunny. To find out more click HERE

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